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Microstructure and selected properties of Fe-B coatings reinforced with B4C and Si particles produced by laser cladding using Yb:YAG disk laser DOI:10.15199/28.2017.3.5

  1. INTRODUCTION There are many methods of surface engineering used to improve the surface layers properties of machine parts [1÷6]. In recent time, there is a great interest of coatings production by the high energy methods [1÷14]. In whole world, the laser cladding with powder is increasingly applied [15÷32]. Laser cladding is a process during which the powder is deposited on substrate material, and this two kind of materials are fused by metallurgical bonding through the action of a laser beam. Laser cladding is widely used as one of the surface modification techniques. The main fields of application is primarily the aircraft industries and automotive. This method requires the laser device equipped to remelting powder with substrate and some kind of powder feeding system. The idea of method is to produce coating with good bonding to substrate and obtain minimal thickness of heat affected zone. An important advantage of this method is ability to produce coating characterized by individual chemical composition. Laser cladding can be used to produce wear and corrosion resistant coatings. In the paper [16] the authors found that laser cladding of Ni-WC composites with a high weight fraction of WC is disadvantageous because the coating demonstrated cracking susceptibility, non-homogeneity of coating, and WC particle dissolution. Laser cladding of Ni-60% WC using a high-power diode laser was investigated. The effects of synthesizing a nano-WC powder and rare-earth element (RE) on the quality of Ni-WC coatings were investigated. In the same paper the heating effect by induction heater on the quality of laser cladded coating was analysed. It was observed that laser cladding assisted with an induction heater caused smooth and homogeneous composite coatings without cracks or porosity. The authors found that the addition of nano-WC particles and La2O3 enhanced the coating homogeneity. The average coating microhardness was improved to [...]

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