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The application of tumble finishing in surface preparation process for deposition of TBC coatings DOI:10.15199/28.2017.1.2

  Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) are widely used for protection of turbine blades against aggressive thermomechanical and chemical degradation during operation in hot section of aircraft engine. Quality and properties of TBC coating is strictly related to preparation of substrate material (grinding, and rounding off edges, polishing and cleaning). In the article, tumble finishing as method for surface preparation before deposition of thermal barrier coatings has been described. The process was performed for different types of ceramic feedstock and base material in order to obtain homogeneous roughness. Tumbling was carried out using centrifugal polishing machine. The research was divided into three stages. The first one consisted in investigation of the influence of rotational velocity and water flow, on the course of tumbling process. Afterwards, proper type of ceramic feedstock has been selected. During the last stage, ready-to-use recipes for polishing of samples made of for CMSX-4, Inconel® 718 and stainless steel 1.4016 were developed. Key words: tumbling, tumble finishing, TBC, thermal barrier coatings, surface preparation.1. INTRODUCTION Taking into account the actual trends in aircraft engine design, including constant shifting conditions in the hottest section of aircraft engines towards higher temperature and more aggressive thermomechanical and chemical conditions, it is imperative to apply materials characterized by highest mechanical properties and protective coatings providing thermal insulation and chemical barrier for base material. Increasing the operating temperature allows to improve the engine efficiently and reduce fuel consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide [1, 2]. This canalizes the research on modification of engine design in order to improve the resistance to influence of high temperature, oxidizing gases environment and mechanical loads which are present in operating conditions. In the article, the c[...]

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