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Opakowania produktów spożywczych w kontekście zrównoważonego rozwoju DOI:

  The packaging industry belongs to the intensively developing economic sectors. Its success depends on social, economic and environmental factors, according to the concept of sustainable development. An important strategic element of the “packaging world" are food packaging. The packaging process is one of the most important among of all stages of food production, as it maintains the quality of products during transport, storage, and end use. The use of appropriate packaging material has an impact on the consumer’s decision to choose a specific product, from different brands of the same type of food. In the history of marketing, there are many examples of the market success of products, which were achieved mainly thanks to the packaging. Packaging products evolve displaying various functions ranging from simple packaging methods, convenience, ease of use, ergonomic shape, point of purchase marketing, weight reduction, material reduction, safety, protection against counterfeiting, limiting the impact on the environment, to reducing the carbon footprint. The aims of 21st century packaging industry are create light, active, intelligent, biodegradable and edible packaging. The packaging takes on new roles in food packaging systems, outside the passive protective function. A special feature of new technologies is convenience in the areas of production, distribution, transport, sales, marketing, consumption, use and disposal of waste. The safety is very important in new technologies. It is particularly important due to the increase in the consumption of ready-to-eat products, minimally processed food and pre-cut fruit and vegetables. New food packaging technologies generally require appropriate packaging materials that will ensure that unique features are met and allow optimum processing efficiency. The demand for packaging materials suitable for recycling and biodegradation, obtained from renewable resources, is beco[...]

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