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Stator Current Spectral content of an Induction Motor taking into account Saturation Effect DOI:10.15199/48.2018.11.25

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The asynchronous machine occupies a very important area in industry and transport. It is appreciated for its robustness, its low cost of purchase and its low maintenance. The machine requires only one power source [1]. In an electric machine, the magnetic circuit acts as a flux channel to direct the magnetic field in the gap. In this magnetic circuit, energies of different kinds are transformed, stored, exchanged and dissipated. The performance of the modeling and simulation of the machine's operation is directly related to the precision with which all these forms of energy are simultaneously evaluated [2]. This is the reason why the model proposed in this study takes into account the phenomenon of saturation. The approach of the modified winding functions is used in the present work. The spectral content in the case without saturation and with saturation is studied in this paper. Modeling the healthy machine In this work, a three-phase cage induction motor is considered. The rotor consists of Nb insulated bars, uniformly distributed on the surface of the rotor and shortcircuited by two rings [3]. We used a model where the cage is considered as a mesh circuit Fig.1. The number of differential equations obtained is equal to the number of bars plus one (in order to take into consideration one of the two rings) [4, 5, 6]. Fig.1. Mesh circuit of the cage rotor Under the classical assumptions of simplifications, the mathematical model of the machine is given by the equations of the voltages below: [...]

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