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Formation and elimination of foam in the technological process of potato starch production DOI:10.15199/65.2019.1.5

  Foam is determined by the following properties: foam-forming capacity of the solution (amount of foam produced from a unit of liquid volume in specific conditions), durability of the foam (its half-life, i.e. the amount remaining after a given time), and liquid content in the foam and the resulting shape of the bubbles. Consequently, one distinguishes spherical foam containing a large amount of liquid, in which the bubbles are similar in shape to a sphere, and cellular foam with a small amount of liquid, in which the bubbles are shaped as polyhedrons, separated by thin layers of liquid. Another determining factor is the degree of gas dispersion [6]. In technological processes, foam is formed during intensive mechanical operations such as pumping, mixing, saturation; it is the result of chemical processes, of which one of the effects is the release of gas bubbles or thermal processes, where gas is also released. The problem of foaming occurs in many branches of food industry and concerns, among others, potato starch production, sugar beet processing in sugar factories, beverage production or technological operations in the dairy industry. This article discusses the influence of foaming on the integrity of the potato starch production process. Additionally, methods of foam elimination or reduction of foam formation intensity have been discussed. It should be noted that during starch production, the formation of foam and its impact on the technological process is disadvantageous. This concerns in particular the adverse effect on such process parameters as mass or volume output of the dosed liquid. For this reason, foam should be eliminated or its formation should be limited by the maximum possible extent. CAUSES AND LOCATION of foaming in starch production The technological process of potato starch production can be divided into two main phases: the first phase, the so-called wet phase, comprises the stage Foam is define[...]

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