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Wear and fatigue resistance of vacuum carburized titanium substrates

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The results of investigations of wear and fatigue resistance of modified, on the way of thermo-chemical treatment, titanium Ti6Al4V, Ti and Ti Beta C alloys are presented in this paper. Substrates underwent processes of vacuum carburizing and then were tested on the T11 "pin on disk" tester and modified four balls apparatus for surface fatigue testing. Treated samples had typical struc[...]

The influence of preliminary introduction of ammonia gas in nitrocarburizing process on the case depth and materials properties

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Proper introduction of ammonia gas in new technology of nitrocarburizing eases carbon diffusion increasing case depth and causes fine grained structure creation in technological surface layer in alloyed carburizing steels. The influence of preliminary ammonia gas introduction on the change in case depth in comparison to low pressure carburizing is presented in this paper, on the example of pu[...]

Influence of Carburizing Gas Mixture Composition Atmosphere on the Surface Properties of Titanium Alloy - Ti6Al4V.

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Reducing vehicle weight for reducing energy consumption, in particular mass reduction of engine parts, is one of the most important challenge in modern transport, especially in automotive and aircraft industry. Solution of this problem is possible on the way of application of titanium alloys together with advanced techniques and processes elaborated in the field of modern surface engineering.[...]

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