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The influence of the specifications of the elements of range of exciters voltage inverters on their spectral characteristics DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.21

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The trend of wide implementation of voltage inverters in various industries is forcing to focus on issues related to electromagnetic compatibility. For example, modern power inverters keys, especially MOSFET and IGВТ with have very high switching speed, become sources of electromagnetic interference. The range of generated interference extends from the carrier frequency of the inverter (several hundreds of KHz) to radio frequency (tens of MHz). Low-frequency interferences up to 2 kHz penetrate into the supply network, high-frequency (> 10 kHz) components create a powerful radio interference [1-4]. It is known that the PLL is generally described by nonlinear differential equations [5]. The non-linear nature of the circuit, which determined by the existence of semiconductor elements (diodes, transistors, thyristors, etc.) which are part of the inverter structure chart, is the reason for generating the higher harmonics. Therefore, we carry out a research on the effects of the non-linear nature of the drivers elements, namely the research of influence of range exciters and inventers systems of phase timing on the spectral characteristics. One of the major problems which must be solved during design and production of the voltage inverter is to eliminate adverse effect of the exciter on the technical characteristics (TС) of the inverter, in particular on electromagnetic compatibility. Thereby, the development of recommendations on the choice the optimal parameter values of the phase-locked loop (PLL) of frequency synthesizer on the basis of accurate numerical analysis occurring therein is very important. For the calculated ratios we use the method of functional expansions of Voltaire, which currently is one of the most convenient and accurate methods for analyzing non-linear dynamic systems [6, 7]. Experiment As the main circuit of direct digital synthesizers (DDS) of range exciters (which basing on the analys[...]

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