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Pico hydro generator as an effective source of renewable energy DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.37

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Propeller hydro power turbine The most prevalent natural hydrological conditions in the lowlands, predominating in Central Europe are characterized by low heads in small and medium watercourses flow rates. Such conditions allow for the use of water head energy by means of water wheels, Banks- Mitchell turbines and propeller turbines [1]. Rational locations for these turbines possible installations are largely dispersed so that their powers do not usually exceed several to several dozen kW. Small hydro electric schemes containing generators below 10 MW can be classified as follows: Fig. 1a Set-up of hydro generator - source of supply below turbine The subject of the paper is the construction , empirical research and assessment of a 1kW pico turbine composed of an axial turbine and generator, designed to use hydropower of watercourses with low head and low discharge. Fig. 1b Set-up of hydro generator - source of supply above turbine Anti-cavitation surplus and set-up of water turbines. The smallest water turbines can be installed at the level of the upper tank (Figure 1a), while large ones usually require installation below the water table, in the bottom tank, (Figure 1b). Mini and pico propeller water turbines operating at a several-meter water head have an important advantage as they can work with suction and can be installed at the level of the upper tank, as shown in Figure 1a. This is due to the anti cavitational surplus of the turbine, which in this case is much smaller than the atmospheric pressure. As a result, a few-meter water head allows the turbines to work practically without an inflow, as almost the whole drop occurs in the suction pipe. This construction of the turbine significantly reduces the investment cost. For the installation of turbine shown in Figure 1a the following condition must be satisfied: the height of suction Hs must be smaller than the height of water H which must be smaller than the height [...]

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