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Theoretical investigations of the interaction of acoustic apparatus with technological environment working process DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.06

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The ultrasonic wave moving from the acoustic apparatus to the technological environment creates compression and dilution zones in it; they change each other during each half-period of oscillation. The general idea of the process of oscillation of any environment is described by the classical theory of acoustics equations. However, the cavitation process is characterized by a much more complicated motion of the dispersed environment. The dispersed environment after obtaining a certain level of energy varies significantly both qualitatively and quantitatively depending on the type of treatment. The process of changing the environment state during its processing is typical. It is the following. The environment ceases to be solid under the influence of energy. Vapor-gas bubbles are beginning to form. They make a significant contribution to changing the rheological properties of the cavernous environment. The process parameters (density, viscosity, etc.) change, it affects the speed of sound velocity, absorption coefficient and wave resistance. It is possible to change the shape and nature of the wave process velocity. Existing dependencies, as a rule, describe the process of cavitation processing by equations with constant coefficients of parameters and rheological properties of environments. Practically there are no studies of the estimation of the environment impact on the technological process and the effects of the interaction between the apparatus and the environment. At the same time, ultrasonic cavitation technologies are widely used in the chemical, food and building industries to process materials with different properties and create new ones. Their efficient use requires consideration of these different properties for setting modes and processing parameters. Therefore, an urgent problem is the search for new methods for studying the change and assessing the impact of these changes on the processing process, including[...]

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