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Development of simulation model of electric drive of decoiler DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.11.45

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The article is devoted to questions of building of uncoiler electric drive simulation model at rolling mill. Model detects current, moment, electro driving power, magnetic flow and engine rotation speed. Streszczenie. Artykuł poświęcony jest modelowaniu numerycznym napędu elektrycznego walcarki. Model pozwala na określenie prądu, momentu, mocy napędowej, strumienia magnetycznego i prędkości obrotowej silnika. (Opracowanie modelu symulacyjnego napędu elektrycznego rozwijarki). Keywords: numerical simulation, electric drive, rolling mill. Słowa kluczowe: symulacja numeryczna, napęd elektryczny, walcarka. doi:10.12915/pe.2014.11.45 Statement of the Problem In sheet rolling mills there is important to adjust the tension of the strip which is unwound from the uncoiler reel and wound onto a coiler. Rolling of metal without creating tension is not possible because in this case the quality of the metal is reduced (appear different thicknesses plots ripple), possible rush band, i.e. the accuracy of maintenance of tension exerts a decisive influence on the course of the process. In order to ensure constancy of tension necessary for coiling strip a linear speed of remains equal to the strip speed at the exit of the mill and the angular speed of the drive motor uncoiler should vary in accordance with the roll diameter [1]. Unwinder works in continuous mode, the total time of acceleration, deceleration, and pause to refuel the new roll is negligibly small compared with the time to work steady speed. Mode of operation of the driving motor decoiler - generative (main technological regime) and motor as an auxiliary mode [1]. When calculating the capacity of the engine electric drive uncoiler [2-4] have to perform quite laborious calculations, since it is necessary to[...]

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