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Perspektywa wspólnego podejmowania decyzji oparta na przetwarzaniu danych w chmurze w przedsiębiorstwach petrochemicznych DOI:10.15199/62.2018.11.9

  Technologie informacyjne wspierają rozwój organizacji gospodarczych na całym świecie. Środowisko big data oznacza, że ilość danych odbieranych przez aktualne główne oprogramowanie jest zbyt duża do ich gromadzenia, analizy, przetwarzania lub przekształcania w określo- Information technologies promote development of economic organizations around the world. Big data means that the amount of data involved is too large for current mainstream computer software to achieve collection, analysis, processing or transformation in a certain time which make decision makers too hard to make decisions by that information1). In big data environment, data space becomes extremely complex. Petrochemical companies are also facing the challenge of big data brought by multiple systems. A petrochemical enterprise may have dozens of systems. For example, petrochemical enterprises use distributed control systems (DCS) to integrate computer technology, system control technology, network communication technology and multimedia technology to meet the needs of the combination of information and industrialization. The petrochemical enterprise's production process monitoring system conducts daily data collection, data remote transmission, alarm, storage, analysis, and linkage work under emergency conditions. It produces hundreds of millions of data items every day. The data also comes from other systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and data analysis applications through centralized databases. These systems bring a huge amount of data to petrochemical enterprises. In order to improve the efficiency of data analysis, the ability to make the right decisions by seeking out critical variables from big data is essential for the decision makers in a petrochemical enterprise. However, with increasing data processing capability requirements, it becomes more difficult for decision m[...]

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