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The Influence of the Air Gap on the Characteristics of the Double-Shielded Microstrip Delay Devices DOI:10.12915/pe.2014.06.056

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A double-shielded microstrip (DSM) device is made of conventional microstrip device and by mounting additional shielded dielectric plate on top of it. The resulting structure is similar to the strip line, but there is a significant difference - a thin air gap that is equal to the thickness of the microstrip. The thickness of this air gap can become uncontrollable in the device manufacture process. In this paper the influence of thin air gap on the electrical parameters of DSM devices such as: microstrip line, coupled lines, multiconductor line, and meander delay line is investigated. Streszczenie. W podwójnie ekranowanym mikropasku (DSM) układu opóźniającego DDs dodano dodatkową warstwę dielektryczną. Cienka szczelina powietrzna ma grubość paska. Ta szczelina może być trudna do kontrolowania w procesie produkcji. W artykule analizowano wpływ szczeliny powietrznej na parametry układu DSM . Wpływ szczeliny powietrznej na właściwości podwójnie ekranowanego układu opóźniającego. Keywords: Double-shielded microstrip device, air gap, meander delay line, effective permittivity, characteristic impedance. Słowa kluczowe: podwójnie ekranowany mikropasek DSM, układ opóźniajacy doi:10.12915/pe.2014.06.56 I. Introduction Delay devices (DDs) are widely used in electronic systems for various purposes, e.g. to synchronize parallel transmitted signals [1], for real-time analogue signal processing [2], in antenna systems to shape a desired pattern [3] as well as a radiating element [4], in traveling wave devices for matching velocities of electromagnetic wave and the electron beam [5, 6], and as a substantial part in many other electronic devices [7, 8]. Currently, DDs based on active elements [9, 10] are popular, however, power consumption of active DDs is higher, and dynamic range is lower, besides bandwidth of such devices is more narrow. Electrodynamic DDs, such as helical [12] and meander [13] lines, don’t exhibit these imperfections [11].[...]

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