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Kaldi Toolkit in Polish Whispery Speech Recognition DOI:10.15199/48.2016.11.70

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In this paper, the automatic speech recognition task has been presented. Used toolkits, libraries and prepared speech corpus have been described. The obtained results suggest, that using different acoustic models for normal speech and whispered speech can reduce word error rate. The optimal training steps has been also selected. Thanks to the additional simulations it has been found that used corpus (over 9 hours of normal speech and the same of the whispery speech) is definitely too small and must be enlarged in the future. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono automatyczne rozpoznawanie mowy. Wykorzystane narzędzia, biblioteki i korpus opisano w artykule. Uzyskane wyniki wskazują, że wykorzystując różne modele akustyczne dla mowy zwykłej i szeptanej uzyskuje się polepszenie skuteczności rozpoznawania mowy. W wyniku wykonanych badań wskazano również optymalną kolejność kroków treningu. Dzięki dodatkowym obliczeniom stwierdzono, że użyty korpus (ponad 9 godzin zwykłej mowy i drugie tyle szeptu) jest zdecydowanie za mały do dobrego wytrenowania systemu rozpoznawania mowy i w przyszłości musi zostać powiększony. (Narzędzia Kaldi w rozpoznawaniu polskiej mowy szeptanej). Keywords: speech recognition, ASR, whispered speech, database. Słowa kluczowe: rozpoznawanie mowy, ASR, mowa szeptana, baza danych. Introduction The automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems become more widely used and are available in most of modern phones as well as in many websites. Those systems are, usually, an alternative to the manual text input, e.g. SMS messages. ASR can be also used for more sophisticated tasks, as support of a speech transcription (e.g. in a parliament or in an army). Most of research in the literature is focused on a normal speech, while the whispery speech is rarely explored (but the largest electronics companies are interested in this topic [1,2]). Apart from the military and reconnaissance usage, automatic whispery speech recognition (A[...]

Drying Control Design - Case Study on the Near-Ambient Drying of Rapeseed DOI:10.15199/65.2017.4.4

  Rapeseed oil producers should be interested in the near-ambient method of drying because the quality of rapeseed dried using this method is higher than that dried using high temperature methods. The design of a generalized control strategy for drying seeds in bulk in the climate that is a mixture of maritime and continental climates (such as in Poland and many other European countries) in the form of the block diagram is shown in this article. Such a block diagram can serve as an interface between food processing engineers and control engineers enabling further implementation of the above mentioned control strategy in industry. It combines a model-based prediction units, two-position-like control actions and drying process to be controlled with slow dynamics and strong averaging properties. In this article some benefits of the application of a generalized control strategy for near-ambient drying of seed have been given (based on literature reviews) - mainly significant reduction of drying costs in comparison to other control strategies used for this method of drying.The producers of rapeseed oil require that the raw material retains a high quality throughout the whole season of storage and processing. Rapeseed is a very sensitive biomaterial because of its structure. Its quality depends mostly on the post-harvest processing conditions, especially the drying temperature and drying method. High drying temperature affects the acid and peroxide value, which are significant indicators of the quality of rapeseed. The application of high temperatures leads to oxidative changes lowering the quality of the obtained oil. The degradation of phytosterols in rapeseed dried in near-ambient temperature is on average two times lower in comparison to rapeseed dried with hot air in temperatures 60-100°C [3]. Thus, oil obtained from rapeseed that was dried using near-ambient method has higher quality than that obtained from rapeseed d[...]

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