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Finding Optimal Location of FACTS device for dynamic Reactive Power compensation using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.21

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Reactive power is of great importance for the operation of the AC power system. A power system consists of different elements. Some of them can be modelled as the electricity containers, such as coils and capacities. Since the AC circuits imply continually electric current and voltage changes, these containers constantly store and release energy. During a specific time period, the total energy consumption of these components equals zero. The energy flowing between the elements for energy storage does not perform useful (active) work, but that reactive energy is inevitably a part of total energy, together with the useful (active) energy, which feeds the load. However, the flow of this energy is required in order to retain the required change of the magnetic and electrical fields of these energy containers. The energy flowing as the reaction to the activity of these elements is called reactive power. Despite the fact that the energy does not perform any useful work, it is still important for maintaining the stability of the system operation. Maintaining a balance between consumption and generation of reactive power has been the subject of numerous scientific papers since the commencement of commercial use of EPS. Simulation of the operation of the non-linear load with the active power filter in the programme package MATLAB simulink The programme package MATLAB Simulink simulates the operation of the non-linear load to the purpose of the analysis of the impact of the dynamic reactive power regulation by application of the active power filter. The model was created in line with the theory of the momentary power values. Fig. 1 shows the simulation model of the reactive power dynamic compensation of the non-linear load in the MATLAB Simulink. The power supply source is shown through the three phase source of the sinusoidal voltage, with effective value of the interphase voltage of 400 V. The phase windings are star-coupled, wh[...]

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