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The importance of FEM simulation in design of a forming tool for test sample preparation to measure solder wettability DOI:10.15199/24.2019.8.6

  Introduction. The shape of a test sample is very important in the evaluation of solder wettability, as the initial shape of the sample affects the final shape of a drop on the substrate surface. Theoretically it can be derived that a ballshaped solder sample is ideally shaped as the ball represents a complete non-wettability of the substrate surface. In a case that the surface is completely non-wetting, a solder remains on the surface in a form of the ball. Several experimental methods are used to determine the wettability and spreading of solders in a liquid state. At present, in research as well as in practice, the goniometric method of wettability measurement is most commonly used. The advantage of this method is that the wettability tests can be performed using a small amount of solder. Moreover, testing at high temperatures is possible and the ball is the most advantageous solder form [7, 8, 10]. In order to achieve higher accuracy of the goniometric method of the solder wettability measurement, efforts have been made to solve this issue, and the result of these efforts was the construction design of the forming tool for the test sample preparation to measure the solder wettability. Description of the test sample preparation tool. The designed solder test sample for the goniometric method of wettability measurement will have a shape of the ball with a diameter of 5 mm. A special tool will be used for the ball manufacture. It consists of two mutually symmetrical parts that hav[...]

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