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Shunt Regulation Analysis of The Short-Circuit Inductance based on 3D Magnetic Field in High Reactance Transformer with Movable Shunt DOI:10.15199/48.2019.11.08

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A lot of papers and books have already been performed on the calculation of magnetic fields in electrical devices [8]. Many calculations of electromagnetic parameters were carried out also for transformers. The innovative designing of such objects have also been based on analyses of magnetic field distributions using both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mathematical models. It concern also the so called High Leakage Reactance (HLR) transformers. They are special, regulating transformers and they are still used as reliable power sources. For example, they are used in high-current systems [12,13] and for an electric arc excitation. They can supply some welding apparatus and discharge lamps without applying of some electronic devices. In this way, we do not introduce some additional harmonics into a power grid except those resulting from the specificity of the electric arc. HLR transformers as well as other electromagnetic devices are built from a magnetic core formed from thin laminations of magnetic material and from windings fixed on the core. They produce relatively high leakage magnetic flux which splits not only on the windings but also on the armature of those devices. For example, the movable shunt providing the changeable magnetic coupling between primary and secondary windings in HLR transformers makes possible infinitely adjustable secondary voltage to keep the secondary current to be constant. The HLR transformers’ leakage system calculation was started from a two-dimensional field analysis with the Finite Difference Method (FDM) [18]. Due to the unlimited leakage magnetic flux, the 2D method of integral equations was also used [18]. These calculations were mainly related to shortcircuit reactance determination [15, 17]. In order to speed up the design method of HLR transformers the scaled models were also used [23]. 2-D mathematical models well reflect the reality in magnetic flux distribution for sy[...]

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