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Development of a multi frequency phase method for measuring ranges DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.25

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In the field of radar sounding, impulse methods for measuring ranges are traditionally used [1,2]. These methods are clear and easy to measure. But the finite duration of the probe pulse limits the accuracy and resolution of the methods. The use of frequency methods makes it possible to improve the accuracy of measuring distances [1,2]. Phase methods for measuring range are known [1,3]. These methods allow measuring the range of only one object, but with high accuracy. Also, phase methods, however, like frequency ones, do not have a "dead zone", which allows them to have a clear advantage over pulsed methods when measuring short ranges. But in the case of frequency methods, probing signals have a wider bandwidth than in the case of phase methods. The range of sounding frequencies is strictly limited to the minimum required quantity that allows to obtain the given accuracy, which has a distinct advantage over other methods. When performing range measurements, the main task is to separate the signals reflected from each object. The developed multi-frequency phase methods allow me to separate the signals reflected from objects by analyzing the amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of the total reflected signal, which represents the sum of the harmonic signals reflected from each object in a given frequency range [4-6]. Let us cite short results of the studies which made it possible to obtain a mathematical model on the basis of which it became possible to develop a multi frequency phase method for measuring distances to many objects [7]. Unlike time measurements, when signals reflected from each object are separated in time. In phase measurements, all harmonic signals reflected from all objects act simultaneously, and therefore, as the medium in which radio signals propagate can be considered linear systems, they are algebraically summed at each point. Method Considering a system of N objects that are sou[...]

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