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Limitation of torque ripple in medium power line start permanent magnet synchronous motor DOI:10.15199/48.2017.06.01

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Introduction Line start permanent magnet synchronous motors, hereinafter LSPMSM, have many advantages such as high efficiency, high power factor, relatively simply construction. However, they have one significant drawback: torque ripple during motor starting due to permanent magnet. Torque ripple and motor vibration are the same problems both for permanent magnet synchronous motors and induction motors. The simplest solution to reduce torque ripple in electric motors is skew application [1, 3, 4]. In induction motors skewed rotors are used. In case of surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors step-skewed rotors are applied. In case of inner-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors skewed rotors are more difficult to obtain in comparison with skewed stators. Skew application in line start permanent magnet synchronous motors is not desired due to inner-mounted permanent magnets. In LSPMSM torque ripple limitation can be obtained primarily by the proper selection of the rotor slot number but there are also other[...]

Enclosure-less six-phase induction motor DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.26

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Laser cutting technology is being increasingly popular in electric machines manufacturing [8]. It enables to realize almost arbitrary project. The cost of laser cutting are going to even with cost of machining technology. Furthermore, AC electric machines can be built without enclosure. Of course, it reduces stiffness of the machine but simultaneously it decreases thermal resistance. FEM motor model In Ansys Maxwell software 2D FEM 6-phase 2-pole induction motor field-circuit model was built [1-2]. Rated motor parameters are given in Table I. Table 1. The parameters of the sensor parameter unit value Pn kW 2 Un V 200 Qs slots 24 Qr slots 19 Stator double layer winding consists of 24 coils made of round double enamelled copper wire with coil pitch ys=5/6. Rotor winding consists of quasi-trapezoidal copper bars. Each rotor bar includes 2 rectangular copper bars with wider one at the bar top. Rotor slot openings are quite wide to decrease rotor winding leakage reactance and to obtain high starting and maximum motor torques. FEM motor model is presented in Fig. 1. Ma[...]

Starting process of medium power line start permanent magnet synchronous motor DOI:10.15199/48.2017.02.15

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The paper deals with analysis of line start permanent magnet synchronous motor start and synchronization process. Four-pole 160 kW low-voltage LSPMSM was investigated. FEM method was applied. Streszczenie Artykuł zawiera wyniki badań procesu rozruchu i synchronizacji silnika synchronicznego średniej mocy wzbudzanego magnesami trwałymi o rozruchu bezpośrednim. Badania wykonano wykorzystując model polowo-obwodowy. (Analiza właściwości rozruchowych silnika synchronicznego z magnesami trwałymi o rozruchu bezpośrednim średniej mocy) Keywords: synchronous motor, permanent magnet, medium power motor, synchronization Słowa kluczowe: silnik synchroniczny, magnesy trwałe, silnik średniej mocy, synchronizacja Introduction Line start permanent magnet synchronous motors, hereinafter LSPMSM, contain rotor winding to obtain asynchronous torque during starting. Hence LSPMSM are as reliable, robust, low-maintenance as induction motors. Their main drawback are starting properties which are noticeable worse in comparison with induction motors starting properties [7]. It is caused by braking torque due to permanent magnets inside the motor rotor. The biggest influence of the braking torque on the LSPMSM resultant torque occurs in low range of the motor speed. Except load torque, moment of inertia also limits the LSPMSM starting capability. For high value of the load inertia, like fans, LSPMSM can start-up but simultaneously be not able to run in synchronism and stall below synchronous speed [4]. LSPMSM with double squirrel cage rotor construction can withstand this phenomenon and make the motor able to synchronize successfully. Rotor bars must be made with proper dimensions and materials then. Motor model description Two dimensional four-pole medium power LSPMSM was built in Maxwell software. Rated motor parameters are:[...]

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