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Ground penetrating radar prototype based on a low-cost software defined radio platform DOI:10.15199/48.2019.09.07

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GPR is widely used for recognition of internal structure of different materials. The fundamental principle of that device includes sending the electromagnetic waves into the subsurface and analysing the response from scattering heterogeneities. The intelligible imaging should be the final product of this procedure. A decent interpretation is attainable only after appropriate processing due to the complexity of the environment and the strong influence of the coupling effect. Besides the computational electromagnetics simulations, hardware testing is a very valuable method for modern processing techniques verifying. Closed architecture and the high cost of commercial devices cause growth in GPR prototyping. Among various approaches [1,2], the SDR is increasingly adopted because of its flexibility and accessibility. Ettus Research is one of the most popular SDR suppliers and offers Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) platforms. Nevertheless, the price of a frequently used platform [3,4] - USRP x310 with two UBX160 cards remains at USD 7872 [5]. The example of using the cheapest USRP (1216 USD) as the GPR can be found in [6]. The article concentrates on building a low-cost stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) GPR, in the sense that the total spending should be less than a few hundred USD. SDR selection There are several SDR transceivers available on the market which fulfil GPR condition concerning the wide frequency range. The selected parameters of popular cheap off-the-shelf SDRs are shown in table 1. It is noticeable, solely based on the price, that HackRF is a good proposal for further research. Table 1. The comparison of selected cheap SDRs parameters [5,7,8] USRP B210 BladeRF x40 HackRF Price [USD] 1216 420 99 Bandwidth [MHz] 30/56 40 20 Freq. range [MHz] 70 - 6000 350 - 3800 1 - 6000 DAC/ADC res. [bit] 12 12 8 Tx max. power [dBm] 10 6 15 Mode 2 x duplex duplex halfduplex HackRF is a completely open so[...]

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