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The development of metal spinning - new opportunities and possibilities DOI:10.15199/28.2016.5.8

  Metal spinning is a forming process known since ancient times. However on an industrial scale it is used from the beginning of the twentieth century. Thanks to the technology it is possible to obtain complex axisymmetric shapes with excellent mechanical and surface properties. It is a promising forming technology that is becoming more popular especially in advanced application such as aircraft industry. It has a lot of advantages; among others it allows shaping the material properties in a larger extent than the commonly used metalworking methods. Furthermore since 2001 for the first time laser assisted heating was used in the process enhancing it even further. The article presents the metal spinning technology and its current developments. Additional practical aspects were described in the research and underlined by the authors. The last paragraph concerns sample results of mechanical tests carried out on the fabricated elements that show the possible application of the method particularly in the aircraft industry. The hardness of the cold formed element increased more than twice after 70% reduction in cross section in a single tool movement. In the longer term perspective laser assisted metal spinning could reduce the costs and improve the properties of the currently used aircraft engine parts by eliminating intermediate annealing. Key words: metal spinning, shear forming, aircraft materials, Inconel 625.1. INTRODUCTION The process for metal spinning has been known since ancient times. In its kinetics, the process is derived from craft techniques used in pottery. The rotary element is formed by the pressure of the tool (rollers) rotating around its own axis, reproducing the final shape of the product on the mandrels (rotating form). Processing is continuous; its advantage is the possibility of forming complex axisymmetric shapes. Additionally, a large number of control parameters allow for a wide scope in controlling not only the dimensi[...]

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