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Impedance investigation of activated carbon material modified by ultrasound treatment DOI:10.15199/48.2018.05.33

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The electrochemical capacitor with an electric double layer (EDL), or supercapacitor is a relatively new class of devices to store the electrical energy, which by its parameters and functional capabilities is between the traditional primary and secondary power sources and electrostatic capacitors. The prefix “super" indicates that these devices have higher capacitance by several orders than conventional capacitors of the same dimensions and larger specific energy. Compared with traditional batteries, supercapacitors have higher power density, although they lose them in energy density [1]. Such features allow using the supercapacitors in engines of hybrid vehicle, into the systems of improving the quality of electrical energy, when starting the internal combustion engines in all weather conditions, in the systems of volatile memory, etc [2-4]. Activated carbon materials are the most common materials for the supercapacitor electrodes manufacturing both with aqueous and non-aqueous electrolyte. This is due to well-developed porous structure of activated carbon, good electrical conductivity, environmental friendliness and low cost. However, traditional methods of activated carbon production do not supply the high quality electrode material. Therefore, the methods of modification of the raw materials [5, 6] or as produced carbon materials become of great importance in technological processes [7]. Various acids and heat treatments in inert atmospheres are often used for modifications. This processing substantially changes the porous structure and surface groups. However, such modification techniques are energy-intensive and environmentally hazardous. As an alternative to them the nonchemical methods of influence on the activated carbon can be used, among which an important place belongs to ultrasonic technologies [8]. The results given in [8], are related to the research of changes in the composition of the activated carbo[...]

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