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Corrosion resistance of intermediate coatings containing micaceous iron oxide of different degree of lamellarity

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Adhesion, electrochemical reactions and barrier properties of a coating on a clean well prepared substrate are the parameters responsible for the extended service life of a structures. The use of micronized MIOx powders is studied to the aim of evaluating the possibility of their use as anticorrosive pigments either in primers or in intermediate both organic and inorganic coatings as partial substitutes of zinc powder. To this aim we compared three types of intermediate coatings containing MICA and two different types of MIOx pigments. The fi rst type of MIOx powder was grade A according to the ISO 10601 having a lamellarity degree of about 80% while the second one was cubic with a lamellarity degree of about 10%. The coating systems are composed by a 50 μm thick epoxy primer an[...]

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