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BER Measurement in Software Defined Radio Systems

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The article describes a flexible concept of measuring system consisting of PXI-5670 RF vector signal generator and PXI 5661 RF vector signal analyzer. The measuring system structure is based on PXI modular system that applies synthetic instrumentation concept - software-based approach to measurement of wireless transmission systems basic parameters. Synthetic instrumentation is the future, particularly in sectors where the demand for fast evolution and increased flexibility of electronics systems has driven the trend for increasing software content of electronics systems. Authors of this article created with LabVIEW 2010 SP1 synthetic measuring instruments for measuring the real bit error rate BER, applicable in the field of advanced wireless transmission systems.[...]

Advanced Concept of Voice Communication Server on Embedded Platform

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The paper deals with a design of an embedded Voice communication server which was developed within the scope of the BESIP project (Bright Embedded Solution for IP Telephony). The project brings a modular architecture with additional functionality such as a speech quality monitoring and a protection against security threats.The speech quality assessment is carried out in a simplified computational E-model and we implemented our proposal into the BESIP as an optional component. In the security module. We applied a standard approach to the intrusion detection and protection and in addition to the mentioned modules we come up with an idea of unified configuration based on the NETCONF protocol. We implemented ntegrated the complex support of NETCONF configuration protoco into OpenWRT and our modifications were accepted by OpenWRT community. The paper describes the inidvidual modules, their features and entire BESIP concept. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono budowę serwera komunikacji głosowej, jako część projektu BESIP. Opracowano architekturę modułową, posiadającą dodatkowe funkcjonalności, takie jak: kontrola jakości dźwięku mowy i ochrona przed zagrożeniami zewnętrznymi. Zastosowano ideę konfiguracji jednolitej, opartej na protokole NETCONF. Opisany został każdy z modułów, ich funkcjonalność i cały projekt BESIP. (Ulepszona koncepcja serwera komunikacji głosowej na platformie osadzonej). Keywords: BESIP, NETCONF protocol, OpenWRT, Speech quality, VoIP security. Słowa kluczowe: BESIP, NETCONF, OpenWRT, jakość mowy, ochrona VoIP. Introduction Our intent in the BESIP project (Bright Embedded Solution for IP Telephony) was focused on development an open-source modular architecture of voice communication server with additional functionalities such as speech quality monitoring and protection from selected security threats. The BESIP offers the prepared solution with integrated key components, the entire system is distributed as an image or[...]

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