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The ways for the improvement of the information value of the methods for the assessment of the quality of electric energy as a part of its technical accounting systems DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.18

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The irreversible growth of energy consumption and the increase of the index of the nonlinearity of the typical load of electrical networks at industrial enterprises, municipal service objects and household consumers, existing during the recent decades, make topical the problems of the assessment of the electric energy quality and the identification of consumers introducing various distortions into the networks [1]. The existing normative acts providing penalties regulate only the distortion of voltage. It does not give practically any idea of the real character of the energy exchange processes in electric circuits. Besides, the application of these acts in practice is opposed by the impossibility to part both the separate consumers influence on each other and their individual and (or) joint action on the mains supply. The above said is the main cause of the violation of electromagnetic compatibility manifested in the increase of energy consumption, the levels of reactive energy interchange, the distortion of electric networks currents and voltages, the disoperation of relay protection and automation devices. The principles of electric network designs in Ukraine often do not enable quick and reliable determination and localization of the sources of such distortions, which results in periodic occurrence of particular engineering problems as well as conflict situations in the relationship of the consumers and energy supplying organizations. Thus, the solution to the problem of the improvement of the information value of the method and the means of the assessment of the quality of electric energy for different types of load and operation modes of the consumers is an important research and technical task. The present paper deals with the solution to this problem. Theory The main consumers with a nonlinear character of the load include, first of all, arc steel-smelting furnaces, frequency converters and other semiconductor conv[...]

Research of rnergy processes in circuits containing iron in saturation condition

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Problems of application of instantaneous power theory theses to the analysis of electromagnetic and energy processes in nonlinear ferromagnetic circuits at different degrees of its saturation have been considered. Results confirm the necessity to revise the conventional methods and approaches to analyze the nonlinear circuits in saturation conditions. Streszczenie. Rozważono problemy związane z teorią mocy chwilowej zastosowaną do analizy elektromagnetycznych i energetycznych procesów w nieliniowych obwodach ferromagnetycznych w różnym stopniu nasyconych. Wyniki analiz potwierdzają konieczność rewizji metod konwencjonalnych i podejść do analizy obwodów nieliniowych w stanie nasycenia. (Badania procesów energetycznych w obwodach zawierających żelazo w warunkach nasycenia) Keywords: magnetic saturation, magnetic material, energy processes, iron losses. Słowa kluczowe: nasycenie magnetyczne, materiał magnetyczny, process energetyczny, straty w żelazie Introduction Changes of the state of electro-technical and electromechanical magnetic systems during their operation cause the problem of diagnostics regarding their electrical and magnetic properties topical. In this case it is often necessary to solve the problems connected with accurate measurements of the magnetic system parameters and characteristics. The influence of devices with changes in their magnetic system on electromagnetic compatibility to the supply system is another important issue. Problem statement In the course of long-term operation and repairs of electro-technical and electromechanical devices with magnetic system, made of laminated electro-technical steel, deterioration of its properties occurs. It shows in the change of magnetic characteristics, increase of iron losses and higher degree of magnetic saturation. Change of magnetic system state results in increased level of its saturation. Consequently, the considered devices present a nonlinear load for the supply[...]

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