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Optical fiber telemetry link to transmission of measuring signals DOI:10.15199/48.2018.05.32

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In the modern world, telemetry systems play a very important role in monitoring, in real time, various types of processes that require highly specialized measurement systems and the use of the latest technological advances. Generally speaking, telemetric systems are now becoming a substitute for traditional measurement systems. Telemetry is used, for example, for controlling the work of power equipment, such as: power grids, hot-water pipelines or gas pipelines. It can also be used, among others, in the broadly understood industry, in control and measurement systems, metrological research, as well as in modern intelligent buildings. The purpose of telemetric systems is to collect (acquire) processing and transmission of information about the monitored process or facility using various available transmission media. Currently, the most commonly used transmission medium is single mode optical fiber. The use of light for data transmission has fascinated scientists and inventors for a very long time. An example is the experiment conducted in 1854 by John Tyndall, showing the effect of total internal reflection of light in the water pipe and an experiment with photons carried out in 1880. However, the intensive development of optical fiber technology took place only in the second half of the fifties of the twentieth century and continues to this day. It is expected that the further evolution of optoelectronics will be based on the continuous modification of systems using wave multiplexing (xWDM) and the use of new materials for the production of optical fibers. The advantages of fiber optics are primarily the very high throughput, no emission of external electromagnetic field, high security of data transmission and resistance to various types of external interference. In this paper, a fiber optic telemetry link was characterized, which was built and tested. Obtained results of the measurements have been analyzed to determine s[...]

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