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A method of syntactic text steganography based on modification of the document-container aprosh DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.15

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The development of information technology has led to the fact that now they put the information on a par with the generally accepted material values. Access to it with the advent of global computer networks has become incredibly simple. Simplicity and speed of such access significantly increased both the threat of data security breach, as well as the threat of unauthorized access (without author's permission) to information. The main objects of copyright relating to information technologies, including publishing technologies, are: paper and electronic versions of various text or other documents, databases, computer programs. This means that Internet objects also refer to intellectual property. The logic of regulating the Internet itself and the relations connected with the use of its resources and capabilities should be in the plane of both national and international law. Thus, the problem of protecting information and protecting copyright for text documents is becoming increasingly important. A method of solving of this problem on the basis of text steganography is investigated and analyzed in some articles, for example [1]. The specifics of algorithmic and software implementation of the steganographic methods that are based to protect of digital documents against unauthorized use are analyzed in [2]. Contrary to cryptography which purpose is hiding data by encrypting them, the purpose of steganography is to hide the fact of the transfer of confidential messages. It is because of steganography system of protection is achieved the greatest degree of resistance to intentional attacks to destroy or to identify hidden information. The steganographic system (stegosystem or steganosystem) - a set of tools and techniques that are used to form a secret channel of information transfer [3-5]. The steganosystem forms the channel, that carries the filled container. This channel is considered to be exposed to the influence from the [...]

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