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Electromagnetic field as an environmental factor affecting MCF-7 cell line in vitro DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.02

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The electromagnetic field (EMF) is defined as the energy state of the space that surrounds the electric charges in motion. The propagation of this energy takes place through electromagnetic radiation [8], which is characterized by the orderly and mutual interaction of magnetic and electric fields. The occurrence of electric charges with opposite signs results in the creation of an electric field [5], which characteristic magnitude is the intensity expressed in the SI system in newtons per coulombs. However, the intensity of the magnetic field is expressed in amperes per meter and is generated by the movement of these charges - the flow of electric current [5]. One of the main parameters describing the electromagnetic field is the frequency f, expressed in the SI system in hertz [Hz] and determining the variability of EMF over time [8]. There is a natural electromagnetic field in the environment, which is emitted by the Sun and Earth and artificial, resulting from the construction of infrastructure emitting fields of unprecedented frequencies - base stations of mobile telephony, high voltage transmission lines, transformer or radar stations, or radio navigation devices [6]. The rapid development of technology has led to an uncontrolled increase in the number of field emitters that overlap each other to create electromagnetic noise. All everyday equipment, powered from the industrial network, generates a 50 Hz field, while EMF in the radio and microwave range (100 kHz - 300 GHz) is produced, among others via TV and radio transmitters, cell phones or microwave ovens. The EMF is used in both diagnostics and therapy. The field used in medicine achieves the value of magnetic induction from picotesla to a few tesla, and the frequencies used assume values from 0 to gigahertz [9] Exposure of living organisms to EMF can cause various biological effects depending on the intensity, frequency, dose and time of exposure to EMF. It has [...]

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