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Electromagnetic vibratory cavitator DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.05

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In recent decades the technological processes using cavitation treatment of the liquids are finding increasing use. This is due to the specific beneficial physical and chemical effects of cavitation in the processed liquid, which they take as a result of cavitation processing of unique properties. So established that cavitation treatment able to improve the structure of ordinary tap water or natural water, modifying it from the cluster structure to monocrystalline, peculiar structure of spring water. Using cavitation greatly increases the yield of final product by extraction of plant suspensions, which contributed to its widespread use of foreign pharmacological enterprises [1,2,4]. Experimentally determine the suitability of cavitation to a quality mix heavily mixed fluids opens up bright prospects not only for its use in the manufacture of lubricating-cooling liquids in the engineering industry, and so difficult to implement for blending diesel fuel with ordinary water, whereby 10 ÷ 15% reduced its consumption in engines of internal combustion, improved operating conditions of an engines [5-7]. Especially promising for improving the ecology of the environment appeared research scientists of Lviv Polytechnic National University, convincingly proved the possibility of the effective use of cavitation for wastewater disinfection of processing industries of organic and biological contaminants. These studies offer the prospect of high-quality cavitation cleaning of waste of milk processing industries, production of beer, drinks and alcohol, as well as public pools (swimming pools, water parks etc). The harmful impact of these processing facilities on the ecology of the environment very significantly not only of the lack of highquality and low-cost technologies for treatment of waste water, but also through the very broad dissemination of these productions in almost each of the settlements. Accordingly, the contribution of these[...]

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