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Gearless low-speed PMSM drive with estimator of perturbed rotor position angle DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.20

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In recent years permanent magnet motors are used more and more often in industrial applications. Even though these motors are more expensive, they are applied on account of such favourable features as higher efficiency, high overload capacity and possibility of obtaining significant torque at standstill [1,2]. In the range of medium- and high-power motors we encounter mostly permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) characterized by sinusoidal emf. In order to control these motors properly, information on instantaneous rotor position relative to stator winding is required. This may be obtained by position measurement achieved with the help of encoder or by estimation of this position on the basis of other measured motor values [3]. The spectrum of PMSM applications is uncommonly extensive. These machines are used as generators in wind power plants [4] and hydropower plants, main and auxiliary drives in electric vehicles [5, 6, 7], locomotives, trams [8], ships [9]. The low-speed drives are among some very specific applications. In order to obtain relatively low mechanical speed, mechanical transmissions are usually used. The gear causes a decrease in the total efficiency of the drive, generates additional noise and may also constitute an extra source of failures [10]. It must be noted that induction cage motors with large numbers of pole pairs are characterized by low coefficient of power density (specific power). The existing gap is slowly bridged by permanent magnet synchronous motors [11]. Low-speed PMSMs are characterized by high number of pole pairs as well as feasible low rated frequency. Since they are supplied from frequency converters, this fact does not create any problem. We must emphasize another advantage exhibited by low-speed drives, i.e. decrease in the noise level; this is due to smaller number of rotating elements (gearless) as well as low speed of the drive. The issues related to drive systems, includi[...]

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