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Comparison of induction motor diagnostic methods based on spectra analysis of current and instantaneous power signals

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The comparison of effectiveness of induction motors fault detection methods based on experimental results analysis is presented. Researches showed possible disadvantages of the current spectra analysis method and advantages of the method based on phase power and total three-phase instantaneous power spectra analysis[...]

An Algorithm for Induction Motor Monitoring System Based on Electrical Signals Analysis DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.03

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Modern technologies allow one ensure comprehensive control of production operation, which increase its reliability and efficiency. However, sudden failures of operational equipment could lead to production breaks, which, in turn, lead to financial losses. As induction motors (IM) are used to drive predominant number of actuating mechanisms, theirs failures cause most significant financial losses and could lead to failure of other industrial equipment. In order to avoid significant financial losses due to production stoppage because of sudden IM failure it is reasonable to use monitoring systems at important parts of production process. Such systems should use data for analysis which could be easily measured and don’t need expensive additional equipment. The best choice, in this case, is collection data from electrical signals for further analysis. As it was stated in [1], induction motor diagnostics and monitoring, as well as its life forecast and necessity of maintenance, could be done basing on analysis of electrical energy transformation process. One of the features describing energy processes in IM is its power consumption. This signal is quite suitable to be chosen as a basis for IM diagnostic and monitoring system, as it doesn’t require suspension of production, and needs only motor’s measured currents and voltages, while all the rest necessary features could be computed indirectly. Moreover, power spectra signal analysis is more reliable than current spectra analysis and contain additional information which could be used for evaluation current motor technical conditions [2]. In [3] it were derived mathematical expressions for determination power spectra frequencies related to most frequently caused IM damages. However, low-quality of supply mains, electrical disturbances and simultaneous presence of several damage types could cause difficulties in diagnostics basing on these frequencies. Thus, ther[...]

A diagnostic of induction motors supplied using frequency converter basing on current and power signal analysis DOI:10.15199/48.2016.12.02

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Abstract. The paper describes a way for providing induction motor diagnostic in case of motor fed using frequency converter, when additional distortions caused by pulse-width modulation could affect the diagnostic result. It is proposed to use preliminary clarification of current and voltage signals, aimed to exclude from consideration harmonics caused by pulse-width modulation, with further re-computation of power spectra using discrete convolution algorithm. Streszczenie. Artykuł opisuje metodę diagnostyki silnika indukcyjnego zasilanego przetwornikiem częstotliwości w przypadku występowania zakłóceń spowodowanych modulacją szerokości impulsu. Zaproponowano wstępne oczyszczanie sygnałów prądowych i napięciowych mające na celu wyłączenie z rozważań harmonicznych generowanych modulacją szerokością impulsu. Prowadzi to do ponownego obliczania spektrum mocy z wykorzystaniem dyskretnych algorytmów konwolucyjnych. (Diagnostyka silników indukcyjnych zasilanych z przetworników częstotliwości opartych na analizie sygnałów prądu I mocy) Key words: induction motors, fault diagnosis, instantaneous power, frequency domain analysis, frequency converters. Słowa kluczowe: silniki indukcyjne, diagnostyka uszkodzeń, moc chwilowa, analiza częstotliwościowa, przetworniki częstotliwości Introduction Nowadays reliable operation of induction motors (IM), as one of the biggest energy consumers that are used almost at all fields of industry, is very important task. To ensure their safety and reliability, it is essential to provide diagnostics of IM technical conditions. Traditional diagnostic techniques determine suspension of production, and partly disassembling of IM along with harmful testing operations. Thus, alternative diagnostic techniques become popular last years. These techniques allows one to provide diagnostic under operational conditions, they are not harmful for equipment, have well-grounded theoretical basis and provide reliable results. The[...]

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