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Load Flow Analysis in local microgrid with storage DOI:10.15199/48.2019.09.19

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The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources and restrictions on expansion of centralised conventional sources of power has led to research into microgrids. Microgrids represent a low voltage system hosting a network of distributed energy sources, storage and loads that is tailored to a local environment [2,4]. The energy is generated close to the areas of consumption thereby reducing transmission and distribution losses incurred on account of longer transmission lines along with multiple environmental benefits. From the point of view of the system operator the microgrid is seen as a single system [4]. The energy sources in the network are stochastic and the problem of energy balance, load flow and power quality become complex. Hence, this paper presents modelling of microgrids, associated load flow problem and its solution employing a MATLAB toolbox named MATPOWER developed by Cornell University [1]. It describes the decision-making process involved with storage connected to the microgrid. The effect of reactive power compensation on overall power demand on the grid and a few operational scenarios. Current research in this area includes modelling of local microgrids in simulation packages, such as MATLAB [4] and industrial software such as ETAP[6], Matpower also contains numerous test cases of power system models used for load flow and optimal load flow studies that can be found in [1]; typically most cases are related to conventional power systems not containing renewable or sources of a stochastic nature This paper explores its adaptability regarding sources of stochastic nature, In [4] the focus was laid on two different microgrid cases differing in the number of storage units used and a dynamic approach to modelling storage has been introduced which is being adopted in this study on microgrids. In [6] the modelling of the grid took into account the load demand and had included a wind turbine generator as o[...]

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