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The autonomous sources of energy supply for the liquidation of technogenic accidents DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.12

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The problems of the improvement of the reliability of energy supply systems as a complex branched network of the generation, conversion, transmission of energy to consumers have become especially topical due to the realization of the fact that not only enterprises but also the social sphere of the society are vulnerable when the energy supply is disrupted even for a short time. The underestimation of this circumstance has already resulted in a number of big emergency situations of different nature [1, 2]. Unfavorable coincidence of climatic conditions or anthropogenic circumstances may result in creation of emergency situations caused by system disruption of energy supply to the critical-purpose objects. First of all, it is about emergency medical care facilities, heating networks and water supply and sewage systems as long absence of energy supply to them may cause serious and even tragic consequences. According to [3] (Fig.1), the number of catastrophic events in the world, of both technogenic and natural character, constantly grows. Fig. 1. Number of catastrophic events The liquidation of the consequences of accidents in energy supply systems requires great human and material resources. A guaranteed trouble-free energy supply can be practically inaccessible for most enterprises due to considerable capital expenditure at technical realization of particular solutions. A sufficiently simple solution to the problem is possible with the use of local autonomous sources of energy supply (ASE). However, technical problems have not been solved yet - the principal circuit designs, the organizational and technical measures providing ASE introduction during the minimal time. So, it is topical to create ASE based on the electric equipment and power plants of another functional purpose, to synthesize the system of their control providing energy generation for industrial and communal consumers during the elimination of anthropogeni[...]

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