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Analysis of normal, perpendicular and longitudinal fluxes and eddy currents in anisotropic laminated structures.

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The main purpose of these 3D simulations is to estimate the effect of the eddy currents, induced by the transverse and normal fluxes, on the field distribution in laminated anisotropic structures. The comparison of the results of full 3D simulation with and without eddy currents makes it possible to elaborate a mathematical model with appropriated simplifications. Two kinds of structures are analysed. The first one studies the normal flux passing from one lamination to other and the second one models the flux turning in x-y plane. Streszczenie. Celem pracy bylo opracowanie modelu pozwalajacego na uwzglednienie pradow wirowych w procesie homogenizacji blach anizotropowych. Przeprowadzono szereg symulacji pozwalajacych okreslic zachowanie sie strumienia wzdluznego i strumienia normalnego do powierzchni blachy przy przechodzeniu z jednej blachy do drugiej. Przeanalizowano rowniez wplyw indukowanych pradow wirowych na rozklad pola. (Analiza strumienia magnetycznego i prądów wirowych w blachach anizotropowych) Keywords: anisotropic laminations, 3D simulation, normal flux, eddy currents Słowa kluczowe: blachy anizotropowe, symulacja 3D, strumien poprzeczny do blach, prady wirowe. Introduction The effects caused by magnetic fluxes in anisotropic cores are difficult to handle, both theoretically and numerically. It is almost impossible to model thin laminations of thickness 0.2 - 0.35 mm and surface area of tens or hundreds of square centimetres and taking into account the insulation of micrometer thickness. For realistic systems, it poses a significant challenge. The authors have undertaken research related to such anisotropic magnetic cores used in transformers and electrical machines [1-2]. In particular, we are addressing the issues of the influence of the position and pattern of equivalent air-gaps with different overlapping arrangements, on iron losses and noise due to magnetostriction. This research requires several mathematical mode[...]

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