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Selfoptimization local electric systems modes with renewable energy sources DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.06

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Electric grids were functionally designed to transport and distribute electricity produced centrally at large power plants. With the development of non-traditional and renewable energy sources (RES), they acquire the features of a local electric system (LES). In this connection, new tasks arise: harmonization of load schedules of consumers and generation of RES with consideration of their dependence on meteorological parameters of the environment, optimal control of power flows in order to reduce the losses of electricity and improve its quality, ensuring the balance power reliability of the formed LES centralized and local generation, etc. Naturally, it is advisable to solve these problems with the use of modern Smart Grid technologies [1-3]. Among the tasks to be solved for switching to the electrical grids (EG) based on the concept of the Smart Grid, there are, among other things, tasks whose solution is intended to improve the power flow control system [4, 5]. To do this, it is necessary to ensure the technical condition and regulatory capabilities of the relevant equipment. This, first and foremost, concerns the actual renewable energy sources (RES) - wind and solar power stations (WEP and PV), small hydroelectric power plants (SHPP), cogeneration and biogas plants (CGU and BGU) [4, 5]. This also applies to transformers and autotransformers with tap regulators, for which modern operational diagnostic systems should be created, as well as improved conditions for their operation in order to optimally utilize their load capacity to control power surges between higher and lower voltage grids [6] . At the same time it is necessary to improve the activeadaptive automatic control system (ACS) with power and voltage flows in electric grids of power systems, which allow to minimize power losses in them taking into account the technical state of electrical equipment of RES and the control effect of transformers with voltage and[...]

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