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The Use of Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) for Solving the Economic Dispatch Problems based on Renewable Energy in Algeria A case study of "Naama Site" DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.07

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Energy has served as an important source of economy for many decades. What is meant by energy? Energy is for instance, natural gas, diesel, coal, and electricity, this energy is needed to run vehicles, devices, machines: to fertilize and irrigate lands, harvest crops, to light up and heat apartments, buildings and factories. Since the use of energy is involved in each step of previous fields, surely people’s welfare is likely to go down in the lack of energy. [1]. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas are currently the world’s primary energy sources. The heavy dependence on the fossil fuel reduced the natural reserve of it. To take care of the balance and limited life of conventional sources which creates danger on the environment, research on alternative sources of energy is carried out [2]. In current decades, renewable energy resources have received considerable attention in both grid independent and on-grid applications. The benefits associated with renewable resources include: reducing environmental pollution, endlessness, improved power quality, and reliability, and saving power for the next generations [3, 4]. Engineers and scientists are increasingly trying to find and use alternative energy sources. The three most widely used renewable energy sources are hydro, wind and photovoltaic (PV) [5]. Fig.1. Most common forms of renewable energy A well-engineered renewable energy system can reduce costing of energy, consequently improving lifestyle [6]. Hybrid power system uses more than one type of generator, usually, a conventional generator powered by diesel, and a renewable energy source such as wind energy and photovoltaic (PV). Various “hybrid" system of renewable energy sources and diesel generators are currently being developed and marketed [7]. The present paper comprehensively reviews the hybridization of wind, PV energy and gas turbine, installed in Naama-Algeria. This study will analyze[...]

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