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Image cryptography evaluation environment DOI:10.15199/13.2017.10.6

  In the world of rapid transmission and storage of enormous quantity of information security becomes crucial issue. The large scientific effort is allocated on the assuring the data privacy [1, 2, 3]. Significant section of security systems is image cryptography. Images carry a lot of information, which could contain sensitive or classified data and have to be protected against unauthorized access [4, 5]. A specific class of such images are medical images, acquisition of which by an unauthorized individual could lead to serious consequences like blackmail, large law suits and identity theft. This topic is widely discussed in research papers [6, 7, 8], but still the area for the improvement is significant. In order to evaluate new cryptography procedure we need to calculate several quality indicators of the encrypted images. This paper presents a java based lightweight and flexible tool for testing and quality evaluating of image encryption algorithms. The tool allows easy implementation of user-defined pixel shuffling algorithms and evaluates quality of encryption methods with most acclaimed quality indicators. Evaluation environmment structure The elaboraed evaluation system was implemented in Java language. It contains four major blocks: random number generators, shufflers implementation module, utilities and quality analysis. The necessary image processing operations are implmented with the help of OpenCV library for Java. Random number generators are user defined static classes with two methods: the first one is used for setting the algorithm’s parameters and the second method is used for generating random sequence as a list of double precision values. However, the program’s struc[...]

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