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Analysis of hydraulic vibration drive machine for vibration abrasive processing DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.16

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Equipment for vibration abrasive processing (VAP) is used in machine-building for performing, for example, cleaning of cast, forged, punched and heat-treated billets, parts and semi-finished products of various purposes and a wide range of products (see next chapter), [1]. Cleaning the workpieces in many cases precedes the implementation of further technological operations and plays an important role in the overall process of manufacturing parts. Such processes and machines and their implementation are well known in the machine-building industry. But most of them have a significant drawback - relatively small performance. Therefore, the problem of finding ways to increase the productivity of these machines is an important problem. Analysis of literary data and problem statement There are many types of VAP, among the most effective are: Spindle vibration abrasive treatment (fig. 1) [2] is the process of surface treatment of parts that come in contact with a vibrating abrasive working environment. Such processing is finished and does not imply changes in the accuracy of the sizes. Treatment is carried out by removing the smallest particles of the metal, its oxides, or the plastic deformation of the surface to be treated as a result of relative slip and collision with a sufficiently high speed of the treated surface and particles of the working medium. Details are given the rotation (by attaching it to the spindle of the machine) at a speed of 0.5 -1 to 7-15 m/s. The working environment is exposed to directed vibrations with a frequency of 1500 - 2000 min-1 and an amplitude of 1 - 5 mm (fig. 1) [1]. Chemically and surface-active substances can be used to intensify the processing process. The large working space, where the working environment, allows the processing of parts in the entire volume of the camera, while excluding the need for a rigid connection of the treated surface with the processing environment, and, in addit[...]

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