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Sources of independent power supply for protection relay DOI:10.15199/48.2018.05.04

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Nowadays, telemetry and relay protection, which are located directly on the protected element of the electric power system or inside of it are increasingly used in the electric power industry. For its supply, it requires an autonomous source of low power, which has a stabilized DC voltage. Existing devices are unreliable, expensive to manufacture and operate. This work offers power and relay protection and diagnostics with the help of autonomous power sources that can be used in the network with the help of current or voltage transformers, and with the help of an inductive converter placed in the end zone of an electric machine as well. Streszczenie. W pracy nalizowano metody niezależnego zasilania układów przekaźnikowych zabezpieczeń. Układy takie powinny charakteryszować się małym poborem mocy, niezawodnością I niską ceną. Źródła niezależnego zasilania układów zabezpieczeniowych Keywords: Relay protection, diagnostic devices, autonomous power supply, stabilized voltage Słowa kluczowe: przekaźniki, niezależne zasilanie, zabezpieczenia Introduction. Nowadays, protective relay and telemetry equipment, which are located directly on the protected element of the interconnected power system or inside it, are used in the electric power industry. Examples of such devices for high voltage overhead lines are peripheral telemetry posts for monitoring of gust-and-glaze loading [1] and single phaseto- earth fault protection [2, 14] and controlled network devices of D-FASTS type [3]. In electrical machines, such devices include overtemperature protection [4] and protection against electrical faults in stator windings [5], which are highly sensitive. In this case, the signal of faults in the electric machine is transmitted over the protective power cable using a power switch made up of two thyristors connected in parallel opposition. The use of new generation distributed network devices in electric power systems implies the use of independent D[...]

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