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Collisions in DCF scheme used in 802.11standard networks Kolizje w schemacie DCF stosowanym w sieciach standardu 802.11

  Collisions are the permanent phenomenon in 802.11 networks. That is the results of commonly used basic media access method. DCF (distribution coordination function) causes collisions itself. A lot of modifications of MAC layer were developed [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] however the main purpose of them was the achievement of expected packet transmission priority. Some of these solutions also tend to reduce collision frequency [3,4], but it was rather side effect and on the other hand these conceptions are rather complicated. The mathematical model which enables the collisions number versus the number of stations working within the Access Point area calculation for lightly modified DCF scheme, was built. This model lets the authors' estimated the collisions versus users number distribution. The results were compared with those obtained by Monte Carlo method [8] and they are quite similar. Mathematical model The developed mathematical model lets the authors' to calculate the probability of conflict in subsequent fight for access session. The main assumptions are as follows: only one channel is available for transmission - (system operates in [...]

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