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Supercapacitors based driving system for space fast surface sample acquisition system DOI:10.15199/48.2018.05.27

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Space missions aimed at providing ground samples taken on other bodies to Earth are one of the ways to extend our knowledge of extraterrestrial materials and processes occuring on and under their surface. So far, several missions have been carried out to retrieve and transpose samples such as Apollo, Hayabusa or Phobos Ground. The European Space Association (ESA) is currently planning next missions, such as Phootprint, MarcoPolo-R, Hayabusa-2, OSIRIS-Rex or NASA is preparing Resource Prospector mission to the Moon. The mission called Phootprint is proposed to be launched with an Ariane 5 on 2024 with early 2026 as backup date. Ariane 5 is a heavy launch rocket used to deliver payload into geostationary orbit. One of the top-level science goals is to understand the formation of the Martian moons Phobos (20x26 km) and Deimos (12x16 km) (fig.2) and put constraints on the evolution of the Solar System (fig.1). The mission would last about 3,5 years, including cruise, orbit mapping, 7 days on the surface, and sample return cruise time. The spacecraft would be powered by solar arrays. Because of the low gravity, the lander would be anchored to the surface during sample collection and launch back of the Earth Re-entry Capsule (ERC).A part of Phootprint mission/lander is the project aimed to ground sampling device, named PACKMOON.There are three main aspects related to the investigation of new types of sampling tool solutions: - High-amplitude dynamic force is the most effective way to pump energy into the end of crack. - For safety reasons, the sampling tool must not anchor the lander. It means that the geometrical topology and associated device movement must be reversible. - The sampling tool must not disturb the sample interior structure. Furthermore, the sample must be easily secured and released if needed. Fig.3. Phootprint mission lander [3] The device called PACKMOON presented in figure 4, is a mechatronic system, that eff[...]

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