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Research on information channel characteristics of a ship electric power system DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.04

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Modern automation systems are spatially distributed systems. They are created with the use of multi-task controllers and have network organization [1, 2]. Different parts of the system have different physical nature (continuous object and discrete control part), while the whole system can be described by a complex combination of differential equations, algebraic equations, inequalities, and logical conditions. The tasks in a microcontroller are overlapped and blocked out while waiting for shared resources. The time of tasks execution may vary. Network transmission takes place with delays, magnitude and stability of which depends both on the communication protocol and on channels utilization. To avoid the negative impact of such delay and make the best use of computing resources, which are available for control system, design engineering of control algorithms and software should be conducted with the consideration of these factors. Nonoptimal management of information flows without taking into account the inertia of facilities management and delays in time that occur when sending commands over the network will lead to degradation of quality control. Automatic control system and sub-system of electric power unit protection will not work adequate without providing them with timely and accurate information about technical condition of diesel generator sets and other components. Inasmuch as generating units start up and putting into operation requires relatively long time, the reliable information about damages should be acquired as soon as possible. Therefore, the tasks of information flows analyses and assessment of impact of autonomous power system on the information network are urgent. The most difficult step in the implementation of automated control system is the development of software that meets the appropriate quality standards [3-5]. The toplevel software task is remote monitoring and control of electric power system[...]

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