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The determination of the current state and the reliability indices of synchronous motors with long time between failures DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.17

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One of the basic problems of electric machines (EM) operation consists in the impossibility of accurate determination of their current technical state (TS) limiting the possible conditions and modes of operation as a part of technological equipment [1]. Basically, it is explained by the fact that for the identification of EM TS it is necessary to know both electromagnetic parameters that later determine all the main indices of EM control quality and structural and operational deviations from the regulated operation characteristics (excess of the windings temperature, increased vibrations level, etc.), directly determining the ultimate operation life [2]. While it is possible to determine the required parameters of most low- and medium-power EMs during the control-diagnostic tests, practically, there is no such possibility for high-power EMs because of the absence of relevant testing equipment and load. The range of these EMs, first, includes synchronous motors (SM). They are widely applied in the drives of mills, pumps, compressors, smoke exhausters and superchargers. Due to their big mass and other technological features, their repair, as a rule, is performed at the place of their installation, which additionally reduces the possibilities for the account of their TS. As SMs are often parts of responsible mechanisms providing either direct basic technological process or the support of the necessary technological conditions, the problem of the TS prediction is important from the point of view of minimization of production losses. Thus, the purpose of the paper consisted in the solution of the problems of the determination and prediction of SM TS under the conditions of absent of incomplete information about the alteration of their basic parameters and characteristics. Theory The peculiar features of high-power SM include the individual approach to their design. First, it means that every EM of this type is unique as to [...]

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