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Simulation Platform for Analyzing Environmental Effects in Multi-Wavelength Transmission Systems in Matlab Simulink DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.03

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One of methods that can increase a transmission capacity of the optical fiber is the Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Various forms of wavelength multiplexing techniques are considered for utilization in future metro-access networks with a combination of different network topologies [1]-[5]. Moreover, advanced modulation formats are investigated for utilization in nextgeneration passive optical networks with the WDM implementation [6]. This work aims to investigate environmental effects in multi-wavelength transmission systems and their specific influences on transmitted information signals [7]-[11]. With regard of the utilized frequency spectrum, two WDM forms can be under consideration [12]-[13]. One of advantages for Coarse WDM systems [14] is a cheaper implementation, since there is a larger channel spacing that allows using of simpler components like lasers and optical filters. Their main disadvantages are a smaller maximum count of transmitted channels and a complicated amplification, since a wider spectral transmission band is used and optical amplifiers are usually designed for a narrower spectrum. One of main advantages for Dense WDM systems [15] is a larger count of transmitted channels (up to hundreds) and a simpler possibility of optical amplification e.g. using EDFA amplifiers. For our investigation, it is crucial to prepare and create a reliable simulation platform that can be used for analyzing environmental effects at multi-wavelength signal transmission in optical systems. Therefore, the main part of this paper is intended for detailed description of particular block functionalities in the specific simulation platform for WDM systems and, subsequently, for analysis of environmental effects in CWDM and DWDM transmission systems. Principles of WDM Systems and Their Available Frequency Spectrum WDM systems allow transmitting of multiple user data channels through the one optical transmission path. T[...]

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