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Apparatus "Spark" for luminescent and electrochemiluminescent measurements DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.07

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Electrochemical methods are very attractive to solution content characterization as sensitive, selective, quick, and quite simple technics. A limiting factor of electrochemical technics is electrons amount transferred during the analytical reaction, which should be enough for detection by electronics. The last one is determined by the versatility of modern operational amplifiers they set up a base of a potentiostat, main instrumentation for voltammetric electroanalysis. A solving this problem in electroanalysis is possible to use an electrogenerated chemiluminescence phenomenon (ECL) [1-4]. The registration of the light emission is attractive method for analysis chemical and biochemical reactions [5-8]. ECL is a light emission that is a result of electrochemical reactions that appear during an electrode polarization in specific solutions. The difference in chemical mechanisms of a light generation determines riches of ECL analytical techniques [4, 9]. This powerful analytic method is widely used and foremost in immunochemistry [10]. Routine analyses by this method are characterized by a registration of a weak light during electrolysis of a sample solution so photomultiplier tubes (PMT) [11] frequently are used as a detector in ECL analyzers. Commercial instrumentation for immunochemical assays is limited for a research work as expensive and inflexible devices. [12] Their high productivity is not too important in research as so mainly development works ask frequent changes in the functionality of measurement instrumentation. To conduct electrochemiluminescent analysis is needed combination of luminescent and electrochemical instrumentation. Different electrochemical potentiostats support a data collection in an additional channel, thus attractive possibility to use combination them with PMT as a base for ECL analyzer. Technician problem of a direct connection of PMT to a data acquisition system is a general problem of data[...]

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