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Properties of Ni3Al-diamond composites sintered by Pulsed Plasma Sintering DOI:

  This study presents properties of Ni3Al-diamond composites sintered by Pulsed Plasma Sintering (PPS) with the participation of SHS reaction (Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis). Ni3Al-diamond sinters were produced using Ni:Al (3:1 at.) powder mixtures with addition of 30 vol. % of diamond with grain size ranging from 16 to 60 μm. The sintering process was performed at 1000°C in 5 minutes under load of 100 MPa. Obtained sinters have above 99% theoretical density and show fine crystalline microstructure with relatively uniformed diamond particles, what can be observed in SEM images of polished and fracture surface. The fractures are brittle and have the intergranular character. The X-ray phase examinations have shown that each sinter contains Ni3Al, diamond and Ni3C. The sinters hardness was tested by the Vickers method and oscillated between 580 and 650 HV5. The average grain size of Ni3Al matrix in obtained composites ranged from 2.6 to 3.8 μm. Key words: Ni3Al, Nickel aluminides, diamond, sintering, pulse plasma sintering.1. INTRODUCTION Everyday engineers try to invent and improve existent materials using for cutting tools. Nowadays to machining marble, granite or concrete are using materials with participation of diamond. Adequate wear resistance of the matrix of a diamond tool is the first requirement to attain a satisfactory cutting performance. A wear rate that is too fast will cause premature pullout of the diamond particles, while a wear rate too slow will cause rounding of the sharp edges, commonly known as glazing, and subsequent loss of the cutting capability [1, 2]. The second requirement is good retention of the diamond particles, particularly the protruding ones, which are cutting against the workpiece. Furthermore, the matrix must also have high hot strength and sufficient toughness in order to overcome the high heat and the interrupted vibrations that occur during cutting. Among the various matrix mat[...]

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