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Architecture of the distributed information system of the Almaty Academgorodok DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.19

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In the era of information technology information has a significant impact on the direction of development in the scientific, technical, economic, socio-cultural and other areas of life of any community, state or organization. Currently, information is one of the most significant resources, the preservation, rational use and development of which is one of the strategic directions. There are several research institutes in the Almaty Academgorodok that have been conducting research in various areas of the agricultural industry for several decades: the Institute of Human and Animal Physiology, the Kazakh Research Institute of the Processing and Food Industry, the Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit and Viticulture, Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry named after U. Uspanov, Kazakhstan Engineering Technological University, the Institute of Zoology, as well as Research Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Institute of General Genetics and Cytology, Institute of Seismology, and others. Significant amounts of information obtained as a result of research of these institutions, their continuous increase and heterogeneous nature of storage and distribution in many ways, the lack of unified access to them create significant problems of their effective use. These problems lead to the need to find new approaches and solutions to the problems of creating a repository of information resources, their organization, means and methods for users to access them. Today such approaches are called “digital" or “electronic" libraries [1, 2]. Recognizing the need to create a unified research and education cluster, the general decision of the leaderships of these research institutes and Kazakhstan Engineering Technology University set the goal to create an integrated distributed information system of the Almaty Academgorodok, which allows to keep the result of intellectual activity of the above research institute[...]

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