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An electromagnetic field with a frequency of 50 Hz and a magnetic induction of 2.5 mT affects spermatogonia mouse cells (GC-1spg line) DOI:10.15199/48.2018.06.25

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In the era of technology and telecommunication development, there are more and more sources of electromagnetic field with frequencies previously not found in nature. The electromagnetic field is a system of two interrelated fields: electric and magnetic, and it is possible at each point of it to determine the vectors of electric field strength E and intensity of the magnetic field H [Gryz et al. 2011]. Electrical component of the electromagnetic field means the interaction between electrically charged particles or bodies moving in any way in relation to the inertial reference system [Różycki 2011]. The vector of an electric field intensity describing an electric field, which unit in the SI system is Newton on a coulomb can be defined by the formula: (1) E 􀵌 􀭊 􀭯 where: F - force that the electric field exerts in a given location per unit point charge, q - value of this charge. The magnetic component of the electromagnetic field determined in amperes per meter is produced by the change of electric field over time by the system of moving loads. The magnetic field intensity vector H can be expressed as: (2) ∮ H 􀵈 dI 􀵌 I where: H - intensity of the magnetic field, I - current flowing through any surface extending over the closed contour. The electromagnetic field can affect physical objects, including living organisms. The effect of its influence depends on many factors, and the most important are: 1) field intensity; 2) the distance of the object from the field emission source; 3) frequency of radiated energy (Halliday et al., 2001). Numerous scientific studies have shown that the male reproductive system is one of the most sensitive organs to electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to electromagnetic field of extremely low frequency (0-300 Hz) (ELF-EMF), both in humans and animals, can lead to decreased sperm quality by reducing motility, viability and sperm morphological c[...]

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