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Modeling and Control of multimachines System Using Fuzzy Logic DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.34

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AC machines, induction in particular have dominated the field of electric machines. Recently, researchers are interested in machines with a number of phases greater than three. These machines are often called «multiphase machines». This type of machine have large losses and to exploit these, it is possible to connect in series several machines supplied by a single static power converter with each machine in the group have an independent speed control. However, the use of multiphase converters associated with polyphase machines, generates additional degrees of freedom. Thanks to these, several polyphase machines can be connected in series in an appropriate transposition phases [1], [4]. For some applications, series connection of multiphases induction machines can be very interesting. The global system is defined as the domination of a series connected multi-machines mon-converter system (MSCS). This system consists of several machines connected in series in an appropriate transposition of phases. The whole system is supplied by a single converter via the first machine. The control of each machine must be independent of others [5], [7]. In [17], the author uses a classical PI controller to perform a speed control of series connected machines. However, PI controller parameters are highly affected by the system parameters, a temperature rise can cause a degradation of the control quality. Seen from this major drawback, our contribution is to change conventional controllers “PI" with fuzzy logic controllers and test its robustness. Modeling of Multi-machine System The drive system is composed by two induction machines. The first one is a symmetrical six-phase induction motor M(1) which its windings are series connected with that of a second three-phase induction motor M(2). The two motors are supplied by a single power converter which is a six-phase Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). Fig. 1 presents the connect[...]

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