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Justification of ice melting capacity on 6-10kV OPL distributing power networks based on fuzzy modeling DOI:10.15199/48.2019.05.26

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As it is known [1], the key circuit parameters of ice melting are the value of active power losses per unit of wire length in the mode of melting deposits (melting capacity) and the time of melting deposits, which is a function of the melting capacity. When designing the ice melting schemes with using the special electric power plants of ice melting (limiting reactors, bearish autotransformers [2], iceprotected transformers [3]), which have recently used more often for harmonization of power system with the lines’ parameters. There is a problem of choosing an independent option of melting schemes (the melting capacity of deposits that must be provided by such a facility). The feasibility of mass industrial production of standardized installations for ice melting on 6-10 kV overhead power line (OPL) wires and a variety of parameters of electrical networks 6-10 kV lead to the need to solve this problem, taking into account factors of input data uncertainty. Approaches for designing of ice melting at 6-10 kV OPL electric distribution networks [1, 4] showed that the existing technical and economic models do not allow to take into account the effect of melting deposits power on cost of melting schemes characteristics and make selecting this option. In [5] we developed a single criterion technical and economic model for optimization the parameters of the ice melting schemes at 6-10 OPL using the reduced cost criterion, which takes into account the impact of melting capacity of deposits on such factors of the melting schemes as insufficient outputting of electrical energy to consumers during melting, electric power consumption for melting, the cost of electric power installations for ice melting, the cost of additional capacity of power transformer of the 110-35 / 6- 10 kV district substation. Basing on the model we carried out optimization of power ice melting, which should be provided by different electric power plants wi[...]

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