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The impact of the rotor slit number on the behavior of high-speed induction motor DOI:10.15199/48.2018.05.02

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The impact of the rotor slit number on the behavior of high-speed induction motor is investigated. High-speed induction motor with the axially slitted rotor is examined and studied from the perspective of additional rotor losses, torque ripple and undesirable magnetic force. More than ten rotor slits are simulated with finite element method, where the simulated motor is under fully load. Finite element transient analysis is used to respect relative rotor movement to the stator. This article will demonstrate that the number of rotor slits should be chosen wisely. Streszczenie. W pracy zbadano wpływ liczby szczelin na właściwości wysokoobrotowych silników indukcyjnych. Badano powstawanie dodatkowych strat, zafalowania momentu napędowego. Wykorzystano metodę elementu skończonego. Wykazano że liczba szczelin w wirnku powinna być dobierana rozważnie. Wpływ liczby szczelin na właściwości wysokoobrotowych silników indukcyjnych Keywords: high-speed drive, induction motors, rotor slits, torque ripple, finite element analysis. Słowa kluczowe: wysokoobrotowe silniki indukcyjne, szczeliny wirnika, metoda elementów skończonych. Introduction After many years of researches, high-speed electrical machines (HSEMs) commences to be part of industrial applications [1], [2]. The complicated system can be replaced or even improved by one electrical machine directly attached to the load. The positive sides of this concept are in an omission of the mechanical gear box and therefore it reduces the size, install area, initial cost, overall weight and it even safe space for transporting [1]. The predominant market place belongs to high speed permanent magnet synchronous machines (HSPMSMs) due to its better efficiency, better power unit per volume and less loss distribution in active parts. The main drawback of (HSPMSM) is that modern NdFeB-permanent magnets are vulnerable to high operational temperatures, and therefore, the cooling solution could be very comp[...]

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